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OptinSkin Review

If you've been marketing online for any amount of time you already know that the appearance and placement of your email marketing form can make all the difference from a complete bomb (read: no subscribers) all the way up to hundreds if not thousands a month! The problem is that setting up good looking forms isn't really something that most people would describe as “fun” and in many cases it can be tedious at best… Luckily it seems that all of that is about to change with the new OptinSkin Plugin that I discovered today.

I had the task of updating my optin forms across several web pages and decided to see if there was a slightly more simple solution than hand coding each one and to my luck; not only was there a brand new optin plugin for WordPress but it also came from Glen Allsopp who is a very highly respected marketer online. When I saw this I knew I had to try it out and what follows is my OptinSkin review video that goes straight from buying the plugin all the way to actually installing it and setting up my first form in less than 15 minutes!

OptinSkin Review Video

After-note: It's worth mentioning that these are my first impressions of the plugin however I have *a lot* of experience working with WordPress and custom optin forms so I'd definitely say my impressions count. I have already added the optin skin plugin to the three of my sites that needed updating and will definitely be rolling it out to more of my sites in the near future. Make sure you check it out!

OptinSkin Feature Summary:

  • 18 Beautiful Designs
  • Easily Customised
  • Optional Fade-in Forms
  • Reliable Tracking
  • Professional Split Testing

Click Here to Check Out OptinSkin Now

Update: I contacted support with a question and feature suggestion and received a response in less than an hour direct from the founder. Great support guys!

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