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Here you will find a selection of the services and products that I would personally recommend. If it’s on this page then I either use this solution myself or I’ve had enough positive experiences with it through clients or co-worker to feel comfortable giving it my stamp of approval.

Internet Resources

Aweber – Email Marketing

Aweber are the email marketing hosted solution that I eventually decided to use after extensive personal research and I have been very happy with them. The interface is simple to use and easy to jump in to when starting out. The delivery rates are top notch and you are practicaly forced to be CANSPAM compliant so there are no problems with the law.

Hostgator – Shared Web Hosting

I have been through several hosts and have found that those running on linux with a standard cPanel offer me the most flexibility and best solutions. I currently use Hostgator which comes with Fantastico which is a great for quickly setting up basic blogs, forums and much more.

WiredTree – VPS Web Hosting

Eventually you will come to a point where you want a little more control over your web server than shared hosting can offer. I’ve been with WiredTree’s VPS hosting for a while now and what stands out is not only their almost impeccable service but also thier amazing support on the odd occaision I manage to screw up one of my sites. So far the average email response comes within less than 30 minutes whatever the time of day!

Namecheap – Domain Names

Some would say that there’s not much to say about most domain registrars with price usually being one of the main deciding factors. There are many top entrepreneurs who I’ve spoken to that feel quite differently as they report some of the leading registrars can be quite aggresive when handling spam complaints and even remove your site before confirming/denying spam reports are even true! That’s why I’m happy to stay away from the bargain providers and get my domains almost solely through a company with solid track record and live chat support that is always ready to help.

WordPress – Bloogging Platform & Content Management System

There is not enough praise I can offer this publishing platform. Quite simply; my current business would not exist if it hadn’t have been enabled by this amazing software and it’s dedicated development community that frequently provide free updates.

Wishlist Member – Membership Plugin for WordPress

Whilst there are many individual plugins that I would recommend; Wishlist deserves a special mention as it is one of the most powerful ways of generating money from your site as you can create entire membership sites using this plugin and WordPress with unrivaled ease.

Roboform – Password Management

This little gadget is a lifesaver when working online; it remembers all of your passwords to every online accoun that you input so that you can be as creative as possible with your passwords and use a different one for every site without worrying about forgetting it all moments later. I own both the desktop and USB key versions and have not looked back once!

Dropbox – Cloud File Storage & Sharing System

For the longest time I was using a complicated cocktail of software hooked into each other to offerme the ability to autmatically back up my local files whilst giving me the ability to access them anywhere and share with others as and when required. Then Dropbox came along and overnight I could do all of this in one place through an interface so simple even an internet novice could use.



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