Stop WordPress Automatically Adding Line Breaks & Paragraphs

WP Tutor

If you've ever used the WordPress HTML editor to create content you'll notice that when you leave a line or two of space in between your code it will automatically add paragraph or line breaks codes. That is these little babys if you're not sure what I mean…

<p> <br/>

The problem is that if you are actually coding a more complicated layout for just one of your posts and pages so you need a true HTML editor that doesn't automatically mess with your code, this isn't usually possible due to something called the wpautop filter.

Luckily you're not the first person to encounter this problem so if you want complete control over your WordPress HTML posts then you can install the wpautop control plugin. It allows you to turn the filter on or off for your entire site, or even customise it on a page by page basis using custom fields.

I haven't created a video for this one as those of you creating HTML layout should have a pretty good grasp of installing a plugin and everything you need to do is already covered in the official FAQ. With that said, if you are having any issues with this solution at all then please feel free to comment and I'll do my best to assist!

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