WP SpyBar Review: How to Find Out What Plugins a WordPress Site is Using [Video]

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WP SpyBar Review

If you run a website using WordPress then I'm sure you know the feeling where you come across a great looking site and you want to identify the theme, or perhaps it has some cool feature that you want to have on your own site. Most WordPress developers know there is a sneaky way to find out exactly what software is on the site, but if you're not used to scanning through thousands of lines of code, or simply don't want to you've been left in the dark!

Luckily I came across a tool yesterday that completely levels the playing field. It's a plugin for your browser called SpyBar that automatically scans through the thousands of lines of code behind a website for you to detect which themes and plugins are being used. You can check out WP SpyBar Here!

Even if you can code this is a HUGE time-saver so I bought it today and took it for a test run…

I ran the test on three of my own sites as I knew which software was in use so that I could confirm whether or not it was picking it up properly. In every single case where there was a clue in the code SpyBar managed to pick it up for me. In the past when I had to scan code manually it would take me an average of 5 minutes to identify everything (and that is with years of experience) but this little tool does it in under a second!

With results like that I knew I had to share a quick review before I run off to spy on all my competitors to see if there are any other secrets I've been missing 😉

WP SpyBar Review Video

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